Vision & Mission

Chiropractor West Des Moines IA Josiah Fitzsimmons and Team


Our vision is to see all human’s living life at their true, God-given potential. “Vero” means “true or truth” in Italian. We believe true health comes from focusing on the root cause of one’s health conditions. That is why we focus on the nervous system first. Once the brain communicates with the body the way it was designed to, healing will come.


Our mission is to give hope and empower everyone to be the greatest version of themselves. There is no greater joy than witnessing our practice members experience hope and healing in our office. With that aim in mind, we strive to embody the following core values as a clinic and team.

  1. Communication: We over communicate and are transparent about all issues. We talk about what is difficult, and we are okay with calling out and being called out to improve each other and the group.
  2. Excellence: We will not meet expectations; we will exceed expectations. We will produce an experience and culture like no other. We have a high level of awareness for our surroundings so that we can provide the highest level of service and care.
  3. Commitment To Serve: We are committed to each other and to serving our community. We show up everyday on time; we are dependable, hardworking and have a positive attitude. We are committed to meeting every person and every situation with love.  
  4. Teamwork & Accountability: Together Everyone Achieves More. Everyone benefits when we work together. We display honesty, respect, and integrity at all times. We do not tolerate negative talk or finger pointing. Efficiency is our motto. We are accountable to hold each other to the highest standards. The Vero team is a family.
  5. Take Initiative: We do what is needed without having to be asked; we go above and beyond when no one is watching. We are always looking for the next thing to accomplish. When there is a problem to solve, we come with two solutions.
  6. Constantly Growing: We are always growing as a company and as individuals, both professionally and personally. We see growth as a blessing and never an inconvenience.  We welcome every challenge that comes with growth and will adapt to overcome any circumstance. We never stop striving to be better. We take constructive criticism as a welcomed opportunity to grow.
  7. Enthusiasm: We love what we do and have fun doing it! We do not take ourselves too seriously. We spread joy to all those we interact with. We have high energy and it is contagious.
  8. Passionate Belief: We are passionate about the care we provide and the value of what we deliver. We know that people need to have fully functioning nervous systems to live to their true, God-given potential. We are not afraid to stand our ground and share the message of truth.


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