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The Vero Difference

Vero Chiropractic is unlike traditional chiropractic offices in that we first address the master control system on the body, the nervous system. We get an exact assessment of your overall health by performing a full neurological and structural analysis, the results of which are utilized to help you reach optimal health.

We are able to pinpoint each and every one of your misalignments or subluxations and administer a very gentle, specific, chiropractic adjustment realigning those bones back into proper position, taking pressure off the nerves, and restoring the communication from your brain to your body.

The results of this treatment provide more than just symptom relief, but optimal health over time.

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Vero Success Stories

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Patient Testimonial"I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dr. Josiah and have been so happy and satisfied with my overall experience. Dr. Josiah has a wonderful bedside manner than made me feel relaxed with each visit and every time I saw him. I looked forward to my weekly meetings and adjustments with Dr. Josiah and noticed an immediate improvement on my lower back and neck pain as well as the overall quality of life with having chiropractic adjustments." - Stephanie G.

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Patient Testimonial"Dr. Josiah and his team are wonderful! They all have servant hearts and want the best for their practice members. Dr. Josiah is thorough in his checks to ensure your functioning well. At the same time, he wants to respect your time and get you taken care of as efficiently as possible." - Hilary

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Patient Testimonial"Both my husband & I came to Dr. Josiah for different reasons. I was suffering with severe neck pain due to a job where I had to sit in a desk most of the day while my husband was looking to take preventative measures over his health as a frequent weight lifter due to the stress his body was under each workout. We both experienced immense progress! We are very thankful for Dr. Josiah and Meagan. We trust Vero Chiropractic for all of our families health needs!" - Eva & Rob

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Patient Testimonial"Being a first time mom it's hard to know if you are doing things right. Chiropractic is one of those things that I know I am doing right for my son. I appreciate what Dr. Josiah does for James more that words can say." - Kim, James's mom

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Patient Testimonial"At first I had no idea it could help with things like morning sickness, but each time Dr. Josiah adjusted me my morning sickness went away for days at a time. Dr. Josiah is very knowledgeable and personable. I never doubted his ability. I knew my baby and I were in good hands!" - Kim H.

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Patient Testimonial"Dr. Josiah and his wife Megan are both true servants of the Lord! They have each reached out with open arms to mentor, lead, and impact lives, including my own, in so many different ways! Both of them have been a huge resource for hundreds of students across the country to assist them in reaching their own dreams! I would highly recommend Dr. Josiah and Megan to all my family and friends to visit Vero Chiropractic and see for yourself the love and passion they have for serving people and trusting them with your health!" - Shane D.

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