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Neurologically-Based Chiropractic Care

In our West Des Moines chiropractic office, we use four technologies to assess your body for stress and correct it, allowing your body to heal from the inside out, naturally.

Neurological Evaluation

Using thermal-infrared technology, we assess your entire spine and nervous system to find miscommunications between your brain and body.

Muscle Assessment

We then evaluate your muscles using surface electromyography or sEMG to see how they are responding and contracting along your spine. sEMG is the exact same technology as an EKG for your heart, only for your muscles.

Spinal Exam

A full spinal examination will help us see where structural shifts and subluxations may have occurred.

Digital X-Rays

If necessary, using our state-of-the-art, digital x-ray system, we are able to find any curves, degeneration or loss of disc space in your spine, which can’t be detected during the other evaluations.

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Our Gentle Technique

Utilizing these four technologies, we can locate where each and every one of these misalignments or subluxations are located. This allows us to administer a very gentle, specific, chiropractic adjustment realigning your bones back into proper position, taking pressure off the nerves, and restoring the communication from your brain to your body.

What Makes VERO Different From Other “Chiropractors Near Me”?

VERO has been rated the top West Des Moines Chiropractor for helping our patients live the life they deserve through a natural, effective and state-of-the-art approach to chiropractic care.

We are unlike traditional chiropractic offices, in that we address the master control system of the body, the nervous system, first.

We get an exact assessment of your overall health, through a full neurological and structural analysis. The results are utilized in helping you reach optimal health.

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