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RESEARCH UPDATE: Headaches & Chiropractic

Headaches and chiropractic - Vero Chiropractic - West Des Moines Chiropractor

You may have heard about the incredible research showing the benefits of chiropractic care for people suffering from headaches.

In fact, studies have shown a 50% reduction in pain after chiropractic without any of the risky side effects typically associated with drugs and medications.

In the article below, you will learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care in treating headaches, including:

  • Chiropractic: researchers have discovered a reduction in the frequency, severity, and duration of headaches for individuals under chiropractic care
  • B-Vitamins: these powerful vitamins have the potential to help reduce stress and improve mood which are essential factors when finding relief from headaches
  • Medications: many commonly prescribed “headache” medications list headaches as a top side effect (you can’t make this stuff up!)
  • Posture: forward head posture due to long hours sitting or standing at work is a primary factor in the development of tension and cervicogenic headaches 

“You never know how far reaching something you may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”

- B.J. Palmer

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