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Chiropractic Care for Stress in West Des Moines IA

Stress. We all have some form of it. The everyday stresses we face in our daily lives have more of an impact on our overall health than most realize. Stress directly affects not only your thoughts and feelings, but your body and even your behavior.

While we normally associate stress as something negative, certain stressors can have a positive effect, helping to stimulate creative thinking, problem-solving skills, productivity and awareness. You may even experience an increase in energy levels.

Considering this, what then makes stress impact your health in negative ways? Stress that is unmanaged, unaddressed and accumulative. This type of stress decreases your overall ability to function, runs the risk of becoming chronic and may have irreversible impacts on your health.

At Vero Chiropractic, we address how you can stress at the source, so that your body and mind can handle the stresses found in your life and continue to function more efficiently - even under stress.

5 Ways Stress Impacts You

Individual stress levels are continuing to rise and it’s evident stress and the effects of untreated stress can’t be ignored. Studies upon studies show a direct correlation between untreated stress, disease or illness, and overall health.

Let’s discuss 5 ways stress impacts YOU, as well as how YOU can reduce your stress and increase your body’s chance to fight-off it’s negative consequences.

  1. Stress is woven into all aspects of your daily life, including work, home and finances.
  2. Effects on your livelihood and well-being from your immune system to sleep to even your decision-making.
  3. Stress can strike at any age, including infancy and have long-term impacts on a child’s health.
  4. Changes in overall attitude from feelings of sadness to tiredness and depression.
  5. Stress that goes untreated considerably decreases your overall health.

Resources For Stress Management and Chiropractic Care:

Complete Guide To Stress eBook:

We all have stress in our life. In this eBook we will review 5 ways that stress affects your mind and your body, along with the importance of stress management.


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Top 10 Reasons To Exercise:

Only 23 percent of adults are getting the minimum weekly exercise recommendation, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

The minimum requirement is set at 150 minutes or 2.5 hours of cardiovascular aerobic and strength training per week. Education is not to blame for the staggeringly low numbers.


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