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Healthy Spine

How To Improve Your Posture In 4 Weeks

Improve Posture With Chiropractic Care - West Des Moines Chiropractor - Vero Chiropractic

Your Posture And Your Spine In West Des Moines, your posture is a key component to the overall health of your spine. And at Vero Chiropractic, we take the health of your spine VERY seriously! As one of the leading chiropractors in the West Des Moines area, we work with our patients to correct behaviors…

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A Fresh Start To Healing With Chiropractic In West Des Moines

Healing & Chiropractic - Des Moines Chiropractor - Vero Chiropractic

Healing and Chiropractic in Des Moines Iowa Neurologically-based chiropractic is a different approach to health than what you may have experienced in the past. At Vero Chiropractic in West Des Moines, we offer a fresh approach to healing and chiropractic through this highly-specialized type of chiropractic care. Whether you are a current practice member or…

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Best Car Posture For Your Spine

Best Car Posture For Your Spine

How many times have you gotten out of the car and had to stretch your back out due to soreness? Probably more times than you can even count, especially after long car rides. What many people don’t realize is the impact spending prolonged periods of time in the car can do to your spine. As…

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The Sitting Epidemic: Why Sitting Is The New Smoking

The Sitting Epidemic and Your Spine - Vero Chiropractic - West Des Moines Iowa

Sitting has become the new smoking. The threat a sedentary lifestyle has on our overall health is shocking. As a neurologically-based chiropractic office, Vero Chiropractic in West Des Moines, Iowa addresses some staggering statistics and offers a few ways chiropractic care can help keep your health on track. Many Americans spend the vast majority of…

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Chiropractic Helps High Blood Pressure In West Des Moines

Chiropractic Helps High Blood Pressure In West Des Moines - Vero Chiropractic

Do you have high blood pressure? Did you know routine neurologically-based chiropractic care can help lower your blood pressure? Learn more about how a special chiropractic adjustments can significantly lower your blood pressure. Lower Your Blood Pressure In West Des Moines, IA In a recent study*, patients who received an atlas adjustment had a significantly…

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Improve Your Mood Naturally In West Des Moines

Neurologically-Based Chiropractic Care For Anxiety and Depression - West Des Moines - Vero Chiropractic

A staggering 18% of Americans suffer from anxiety and depression, yet only 37% actually receive treatment.* How Anxiety and Depression Impact Your Health Symptoms for anxiety disorders can vary, however the most commonly found symptoms are lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, persistent sad or lonely feelings, digestive issues and even sleep disorders. Not to mention…

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A Surgery-Free Solution For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Neurologically-Based Chiropractic Care - Vero Chiropractic West Des Moines IA

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be very debilitating, impacting your wrist, hand and fingers. Some of the common symptoms are tingling, numbness, pain, burning and weakness. As a neurologically-based chiropractic office in West Des Moines, IA we are seeing this condition more and more often, especially those who sit in front of their computers for a…

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Achieve a Healthier Spine in West Des Moines

chiropractic care for a healthy spine

Achieve a Healthier Spine in West Des Moines How many times daily do you stop and think about your spine? If you are like a lot of us in West Des Moines that number sits a solid “zero”. As long as we can carry on daily we simply assume everything is just fine, that is…

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